Staying Active is Key.

(reprint of the Article in Senior News and Times Winter 2015 issue)

The Fair Hills Residence Encourages Wellness & Exercise 

A typical day of health and wellness at the Fair Hills Residence begins at 6:30 a.m. as Freeda makes her way to the machines in the exercise studio. Others begin their routines of walking before and after breakfast. And, a few hours later Sharon pops in her own yoga DVD to maintain her balance and flexibility. 

Focused on overall well-being, the Fair Hills Residence is dedicated to maintaining and improving the health of its residents with programs for body, mind and spirit. “We promote wellness in a variety of ways – including healthy nutrition, medication management, social gatherings, spiritual support, and our popular exercise programs“ Kathleen Cross, executive director explains. “All of these elements create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who come to the Fair Hills Residence often see noticeable improvement in their health and well-being within six months of arriving." “We have established an environment that encourages movement; especially walking. Even for those recovering from an injury or illness, our partners in physical therapy work with our residents to help them return to a level of increased mobility,” Cross adds. 

According to Mark Gerberding, DPT, with Advanced Healthcare Services, one of the agencies that provides services to residents at Fair Hills, “The best exercise is walking. I tell my clients to walk every hour, even if it is just around the room. If they can’t do that, I encourage them to move in some way every hour.” This kind of movement can include bending, stretching, and lifting legs and arms. Every day of the week you’ll find dozens of people who live at the Fair Hills Residence walking indoors and out (when the weather permits). One resident’s pedometer measured the distance of one of the longest hallways as a quarter of a mile. Down and back twice in one day, and you have logged a mile and no doubt encountered lots of friendly faces along the way.

In addition to an environment that encourages walking, the Fair Hills Residence has had exercise classes for many years that focus on mobility, balance, strength and coordination. Our exercise program is continually evolving. In 2016, we added new wellness classes that give more variety and help residents stay actively engaged. These classes include Wellness Through the Ages®, a balanced workout specific to seniors; Stretch-er-cise, which combines slow stretching and rubber bands for light resistance; and Guided Meditation, an afternoon class that offers gentle music and guided imagery to promote calm and relaxation.

A Walking Path Encourages Strolls Around Scenic Grounds 


Gentle Stretching and Relaxation with Chair Yoga


Equipment Designed Especially for Seniors