Beauty Shop

A Special Treat.....Meet Sandy

Mondays and Wednesday are among the most important days of the week for many Fair Hills residents.  Those are the work days for Fair Hills Hair Dresser Sandy Swan.  

A devoted, caring stylist, Sandy has been gracing the tresses of the likes of resident 106-year-old Sunny Duncan and many others for 25 years.  Sandy's time, skill and friendly manner are often one of the highlights of the week for those who take advantage of this Fair Hills offering.  And it shows in the residents' smiles, freshly coiffed hair and upbeat attitude as they leave Sandy's in-house shop.

Certainly Sandy has brought affordable hair styling to our residents.  But, she's also gone above and beyond to make Fair Hills a more loving home.  She installed a bird feeder on the window of her shop so residents could enjoy a bit of nature while being pampered.  In addition, she recently redecorated her shop, adding touches that brighten every visit.  And, Sandy regularly decorates the planters in the dining area and makes a special effort to add beauty to the front porch at Christmas time every year.


Yes, Sandy Swan is one of the many special treats found at Fair Hills.  We are thankful for her.